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ArtCAM is a unique software program which enables you to create impressive, high quality three-dimensional products starting out as two-dimensional bitmap or vector-based artwork. ArtCAM transforms ideas into finished products far more quickly than is possible using conventional methods. Even in cases where a hand-finished look is desired, ArtCAM accelerates production. Using ArtCAM and a machine tool or router to machine most of the job leaves you more time to concentrate on the original design and the fine details, which together help to differentiate products in today's competitive markets.



  • Using 2D View windows 
  • Using the 3D View Window
  • Creating models
  • Creating a new model from a file 
  • Creating a new model using pixels 
  • Creating a model using the Face Wizard 
  • Setting the model resolution 

Creating projects
  • Creating a new project 
  • Creating a new project from a file 
  • Opening a project 
  • Opening recent projects 

The 2D design process
  • Using bitmap layers 
  • Importing bitmap artwork 
  • Choosing the active layer 
  • Creating a new layer 
  • Renaming a layer 
  • Viewing a layer 
  • Creating and editing bitmap artwork 
  • Reducing colors
  • Color linking 
  • Selecting the primary and secondary colors
  • Using the Paint tools 
  • Using the Draw tool 
  • Using the Flood Fill tools 
  • Converting bitmap artwork into vector artwork 
  • Using vector layers 
  • Importing vector artwork 
  • Creating a new layer 
  • Selecting vector artwork 
  • Choosing the active layer 
  • Renaming a layer 
  • Assigning a color to a layer 
  • Locking a layer 
  • Snapping on a layer 
  • Viewing a layer 
  • Setting the stacking order 
  • Creating artwork on a vector layer 
  • Creating preset vector shapes 
  • Creating free-form vector shapes 
  • Converting vector artwork into bitmap artwork 
  • Editing vector artwork 
  • Selecting nodes and control points 
  • Converting spans
  • Moving nodes 
  • Inserting nodes 
  • Smoothing nodes 
  • Aligning nodes 
  • Importing artwork from PDF files 


The 3D Design Process

  • Using relief layers 
  • Choosing the active layer 
  • Creating a new layer 
  • Setting the combine mode 
  • Renaming a layer 
  • Creating a bitmap layer from a relief layer
  • Viewing a layer 
  • Previewing a relief layer's content 
  • Transferring relief layers between stacks 
  • Creating a relief layer from bitmap artwork 
  • Using the Shape Editor 
  • Creating simple shapes using bitmap colors
  • Creating simple shapes using closed vectors 
  • Calculating a relief 
  • Replacing the relief 
  • Adding to the relief 
  • Subtracting from the relief 
  • Merging with the relief 
  • Creating complex shapes using vectors 
  • Creating an extruded shape 
  • Creating a spun shape 
  • Creating a turned shape 
  • Creating a two-rail sweep 
  • Creating a two-rail ring sweep 
  • Creating an Embossed Relief 
  • Importing a triangle or surface model 
  • Sculpting a relief Importing from the Component Library 

Creating Toolpaths
  • Using the Tool Database 
  • Saving toolpaths 


Simulating toolpaths 272

  • Resetting a simulation 
  • Deleting a simulation 
  • Saving a toolpath simulation 
  • Loading a toolpath simulation from a relief 
  • Creating a relief layer from a simulation 
  • Shading a toolpath simulation
  • Toggling the simulation display 
  • Customising the user interface
  • Floating a docked panel 
  • Docking a floating panel 
  • Auto-hiding docked panels 
  • Hiding and displaying panels 
  • Embedding panels 
  • Resizing panels 
  • Floating a docked toolbar 
  • Docking a floating toolbar 
  • Hiding and displaying toolbars 
  • Creating a custom toolbar 
  • Deleting a custom toolbar 
  • Renaming a custom toolbar 
  • Adding buttons to a toolbar 
  • Setting toolbar button properties 

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