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Autodesk Inventor Essentials Training is designed for new and beginner Autodesk Inventor users who want to learn the essential tool and principles of 3D parametric part design, assembly design and creating production-ready part assembly drawings using Autodesk Inventor. The course is designed to give students an excellent foundation to understand and familiarize with the features and commands of Inventor.


  • Introduction to Autodesk Inventor 
  • Creating the Base Feature 
  • Sketching Geometry 
  • Additional Sketching Tools 
  • Sketched Secondary Features 
  • Creating Pick and Place Features 
  • Work Features 
  • Equations 
  • Additional Features


  • Model and Display 
  • Fixing Problems 
  • Sweep Features 
  • Loft Features 
  • Duplication Tools 
  • Feature Relationships 
  • Assembly Environment 
  • Manipulating Assembly Display 
  • Model Information 


  • Design Presentation and Animation 
  • Assembly Tools 
  • Assembly Parts and Features 
  • Assembly Bill of Materials 
  • Working with Projects 
  • Drawing Basics 
  • Detailing Drawings 
  • Drawing Annotations 
  • Customizing Autodesk Inventor 

Job Opportunities

  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Contract CAD Engineer
  • 3D Modeler
  • AutodeskInventor
  • Autocad Design


Autodesk Inventor is an example of this kind of special program and offers powerful capabilities that a CAD professional should not ignore. Here’s why the best schools will teach it as a part of their CAD programs.

  • Autodesk Inventor Enhances the Modeling Process for Tools and Machine Components
  • Modeling products in AutoCAD are done easily enough, but functionality is limited once the drawing has been done. Inventor, on the other hand, includes a number of key features that enhance the process for professionals who need to use CAD software to design or model physical objects for manufacturing. Examples include a simpler selection of individual elements within a design, as well as supporting adaptive models. Change one element’s dimensions and the rest can follow suit, matching that element’s new size.
  • Inventor Is a Fantastic Option for Representing Objects in Digital Space
  • The whole point of CAD applications is to facilitate the modeling of physical objects and structures in 3D space, but Autodesk Inventor is particularly good at making these models look great. It packs invaluable visualization, animation, and illustration capabilities, which are great for translating barebones drawings into packages that can greatly impress those looking at your work.
  • Inventor Makes it Easy for Students to Simulate Objects’ Behaviour Digitally
  • Autodesk Inventor is useful for helping to prototype objects, and that goes beyond just creating a design to be made and tested in the real world. The app includes the ability to simulate how objects will behave when subjected to some of the stresses they could experience under different conditions. Inventor can help with simulating the way an object would move, how it would react in particular scenarios—such as impacting another object after a fall—and other situations that might be important to design and manufacturing.

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